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Communication Ministry

What We Offer

            The Holy Spirit Communication Ministry began at the start of 2014.  It came as a result of the parish planning survey (ME250.  Communication was one of five areas that surfaced from the parish wide meetings.  The first main project was a website revamp.  Fr. Paul asked Bob Lane who contacted Jason Grimmer about starting this group.  The ministries started with about five handpicked individuals.  Three of the members have remained with the group throughout. 

            The Holy Spirit communications Ministry strives to make information flow throughout our church community, building connections and understanding along the way.  Using a variety of tools such as our website, social media presences, email communication and print, we look for ways to have phenomenal engagement between all ministries so you in the pew know what is going on in your parish.

            Today, the group consists of 10 diverse people including a quad copter pilot, two web developers, and educator, a financial administrator, a graphical designer, and a communication professional.  It is a very multi-generational group.  Currently, the group does Facebook posts and holy recordings weekly, and update the website periodically by adding the Parish Intercultural-Sharing our heritage videos, Fr. Munshower’s Inspirational minutes, promoting volunteer opportunities, and posting upcoming events and current news.  Soon, there will be audio information on the Fr. Godfrey Essays in both English and Spanish.

Contact Information

If you would like to help the ministry out, you could donate photos, videos, audio recordings, email addresses, contact info, etc.  If you are interested helping out, please contact Andy Smith, Webmaster and Ministry Facilitator,at or Suzy McLaughlin, Director of Finance and Facilities and Ministry Leader, at  

Bible Quote

No foul word should ever cross your lips; let your words be for the impovement of others, as occasion offers, and do good to your listeners. - Ephesians 4:29

Volunteer Quotes

  • "My goal is for the communication committee to help us bring all of our ministries, activities and serices to as many people as we can throughout our community.  Our website visitors should be able to find more on our website than they can find in the Parish Office!"
    - Suzy McLaughlin
  • "Working with the various people on the Communications Committee is fun and enlightening.  The results of the Committee work becomes the "face" that many experience as the Parish through outreach and engagement."
    - Kathy Kozenski
  • "Before the Communication Ministry was formed, working on the Holy Spirit website always felt isolated from what was really going on in the parish with content only coming from a few individuals.  Now with the ministry in place, the content stays fresh and has many eyes looking after it.  A much better practice!"
    - Andy Smith