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Honduras Mission- June 2012

May 3, 2015 - 1:15pm
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Honduras Mission Trip- June, 2012

Fifteen parishioners travelled to Texiguat, Honduras from June 11-18, 2012.  Travelers included: Father Chris Wadelton, Chris Brokaw, John and Kathy Evans, Rick Daves, Terry O’Brien, Jim Bowman, Nancy Zarick, Lisa Lahey, Debbie and Dave Kinnick, Ralph and Sandy Ellis, Mattie Brokaw, and Loema Salgado.

   We visited the following communities with eye clinics in TexiguatJoval, San Andres, Vado Ancho and Yauyupe.  These were our first remote eye clinics; requiring us to transport, equipment, glasses and our group to small villages located in the mountains surrounding Texiguat.  We started each day with mass in these aldeas and then set up the clinic.  At our first clinic in Joval, we had everything set up and ready to go.  When we plugged in the equipment, nothing happened.  We asked if there was a problem.  They said they had been without electricity for a day or two and hoped it would resume soon, but did not know when.  No one in town had a generator, so we used an electrical inverter we had purchased for this type of event.  We brought the truck close to the school and hooked up the inverter to the truck battery and plugged in extension cords and we were back in business.

   In total we saw 680 patients in those 4 days.  We dispensed 209 prescription glasses, 351 readers and 405 sunglasses.  More importantly vision was improved for hundreds of people and a caring relationship was formed with people who had never had an opportunity to have their eyes evaluated.

   After our last day of clinic in Yauyupe, we made the long downhill trek back to Texiguat.  When we were about 10 minutes from home, suddenly we smelled the unmistakable odor of overheated brakes.  An overloaded truck with old brakes, down a steep descent made this inevitable.  The only solution was to wait 45 minutes or so for them to cool down and finish our trip.  So, spontaneously, a game of Frisbee broke out, making the wait much more enjoyable and not nearly as long as it was.  Nervously, we got back in P. Juan Pablo's truck and completed our return without incident.  The relationship was growing again.

    Some of our group helped with the painting of the exterior and interior of the school auditorium.  Later in the week the school children gave a presentation of song and dance to welcome us.  We also celebrated Mattie Brokaw’s 21st birthday at this presentation.  On the weekend we were able to distribute dozens of shoes to the children at the school.  On Saturday afternoon we were able to enjoy the freshly rejuvenated playground at the school by playing games of soccer, basketball and volleyball.  Everyone had a great time!

We went on a long day trip to the Pacific coast town of San Lorenzo and enjoyed boat ride to a small island where we ate at an outdoor beach restaurant and played in the ocean.  This was nice R&R for several hours, but it required a difficult 4-5 journey in a school bus to get there.  We appreciated their effort to show us such hospitality.