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Honduras Mission Trip January 2011

February 19, 2015 - 3:30pm
7243 E 10th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46219
United States

January, 2011 Honduras Mission Trip

This was our first visit to San Francisco de Asis parish in Texiguat Honduras.  We were there from Friday,January 28, 2011 through Friday, February 4.  There were 5 travelers on this first trip: Fr. Chris Wadelton, Penny Eisenhut, John & Kathy Evans and Frances Sosadeter from PTPA (Parish Twinning Program of the Americas).  Frances helped guide us in the development of a twinning relationship.  Her Spanish language skills were also of much importance to help Fr. Chris.  The rest of us spoke only a little Spanish. 

      We were welcomed by the Auxiliary Bishop Juan Jose' Pineda.  He thanked us for making a difference in life of one of his many parishes.  When we finished visiting, he said he had to leave as he had an appointment with the President; as in the President of Honduras.  He said he was going to hold his feet to the fire as he had promised to help the poor people and wasn't doing enough.
      We visited the
communities of Travesia, Joval, Vado Ancho, Yauyupe, Manzana and Chaperna where we celebrated mass and got to meet the people. These small have small chapels where the priests would try to visit once a month.  As there were nearly 40 such small villages this isn't always possible.  One village, Manzana, was only accessible by foot or horseback.  They have no electricity or running water.  There were no restrooms.  But they were happy and faith-filled.

     We took a day trip to the tourist towns of Santa Lucia and Valle de Angeles near Tegucigalpa, over 4 hours away. On the way back we stopped at the national park of Cristo del Picacho.  A giant statue of Jesus with arm held out in prayer, overlooking the capitol city of Tegucigalpa

. At the end of each day our group would meet to discuss our experiences and impressions.  We all were greatly transformed in experience the humble lives of these people.  But they were the most hospitable of hosts even though they had very little material wealth. Their wealth of faith and love was beyond all measure.

 We celebrated Sunday mass in Texiguat and were greeted by many of the people of the town and made a presentation of a plaque in this beautiful, old, large church that was in dis-repair.  We met with the people on their Twinning committee and discussed our experiences and how we could become a brotherhood of solidarity and faith.  We discussed how we could share resources.  They suggested they needed medical care in the way of glasses, dentistry and OB-GYN care and medical supplies.  They mentioned that their church needed some emergency repairs to the roof, painting, shellacking the stonework and a choir loft that was about to collapse in the rear of the church. They expressed a desire to start a pen pal program between the schools.  They also need funding to help with sacramental preparation of the children and adults. We all agreed that based on our friendship and common faith that we would pray for each other’s wellbeing. We also agreed that having their priests and other leaders visit our parish would build the relationship.  Many needs, but prayer would be the key to keeping our relationship strong.

 At the end of our trip we went to Tegucigalpa to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Suyapa. There we met with Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez. He was so pleased that we had come to so far to help his people.  We also visited Sister Maria Rosa and her orphanage in Tegucigalpa.  She has raised over 40,000 children since starting her orphanage over 40 years ago.   We stayed the night in a Bed and Breakfast provided by the Cardinal. There we heard the news of the huge ice storm in Indianapolis and were glad that we had missed it, but afraid of what we would come back.  Taking a warm shower and sleeping on a real mattress was truly a blessing.  It, however, reminded us of how much we have and expect, but our friends in Texiguat had so few of these luxuries.  Their strong faith that God would provide for them was truly humbling.  They had told us earlier how happy they are that God had let us find them. Prayers answered. How humbling.