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Honduras Mission Trip January, 2012

April 13, 2015 - 3:30pm
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Honduras Mission Trip- January, 2012

Twelve parishioners travelled to Texiguat, Honduras from January 23-30, 2012.  Travelers included: Father Paul Koetter, Chris Brokaw, John and Kathy Evans, Doris Daves, Marilyn Hess, Kathy White, Ed Parada, Carol and Jim Shaver, Kathy Lawrence and Penny Eisenhut.

   We visited the following communities after 4 days of eye clinic in TexiguatMayaran, San Jose and Yayupe.

     This was the first trip in which we provided an optometric clinic.  We dispensed prescription, reading and sun glasses to hundreds of people in 4 days  Lawrence and Penny Eisenhut.te, Ed Parada,Carol and Jim Shavert and Brenda Guldner, Karen and Debbie Emminger,  clinic in Texiguat.  They travelled from around the area for hours to get the glasses they had never been able to afford before.  Rented, portable equipment was used to measure the prescription of the people.  A program on a programmed computer matched these patients with the closest match for their prescription from an inventory of 2000 glasses that we were able to purchase for $0.25 per pair of glasses. Many happy faces were seen with the return of normal eyesight.

       We also painted the playground in the schoolyard for soccer, basketball and volleyball.  We gave them new backboards for their basketball goals.  We also provided them with balls and other sports equipment for the school in Texiguat.  

    We all enjoyed a mule ride up to the community of Mayaran where we celebrated mass with a lively band of children musicians.  Many were the children of Nicolas, who is a farmer and delegado.  He practices advanced agriculture practices he learned in the University in Tegucigalpa.  He has a fish pond and grows many different crops including: corn, beans, yucca, papaya, mangoes and pineapples.  He tries to educate the local farmers in his techniques.  He utilizes irrigation, because he has a water source.

   We visited San Jose which is near Padre Juan Pablo’s home farm.  We also enjoyed a long ride up to Yayupe and enjoyed the vistas along the way. 

On Sunday we celebrated the baptism of Dayana CamposJohn and Kathy Evans, who stayed with this family on previous visits, were honored to be asked to be godparents for Dayana.  It was truly a happy day of sharing in this sacrament.

We also enjoyed a day trip to Valle de Angeles and Tegucigalpa.  We visited the Basilica of Suyapa. It was a long, but enjoyable trip.