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Honduras Mission Trip- June, 2013

February 4, 2016 - 11:15am
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Honduras Mission Trip- June 2013


     Eleven parishioners travelled to Texiguat, Honduras from June 17-24, 2013. They included Fr Chris Wadelton, Chris Brokaw, John and Kathy Evans, Doris Daves, Mattie Brokaw, Loema Salgado, Gabby Salgado, Sandy Ellis, Jim Bowman and Terry O’Brien.


     We visited the following communities:  San Jose, Joval, El Hatillo, Carbonal, Santa Lucia, Mayaran, Texiguat, Yalde and Hachero.


     We held four days eye clinics in the communities of San Jose, Jobal, El Hatillo, and Carbonal.  Each day began with mass in these communities.  We then supplied hundreds of patients with prescription and or reading glasses as well as sun glasses to help prevent cataracts.


       On Saturday, we split into three groups visiting the sick and elderly in the communities of Santa Lucia, Mayaran and the outskirts of Texiguat.  This was our first experience with this ministry. The priests anointed the sick and we distributed communion to these families. This was very important for them as it was very difficult to get them to the chapels in these communities when mass was held due to their poor health and the rugged terrain.  This was a very moving and spiritual experience for us all.  This was the first time we were able to spend time with the very neediest of the people in the parish.  From people that were bedridden with crippling arthritis to two paralyzed young men with cerebral palsy to just being old and malnourished, these were truly the very needy.  But their faith and the sacraments seemed to sustain them.  By sharing the sacraments, praying and talking with these needy people we were allowed us to see Christ in our brothers.  There were few dry eyes at the end of this day.  


        On Sunday after mass in either Texiguat or Hachero or Yalde, we had lunch with our host families.  In the afternoon, we took a leisurely horseback ride to a small nearby cattle ranch of the Danto family.  We enjoyed their hospitality with fruit drinks and sweet bread.  Just as we were about to leave, we were about to leave we were delayed by a brief shower.  No problem. Just more time to chat and reflect on God's many gifts.


    On Sunday evening we had our traditional despedida (farewell party).  This was happy and sad as we knew that Father Chris and Padre Douglas would be moving on to new parishes.  Father Chris was presented a plaque commemorating all of his work to initiation our twinning relationship.  We presented to members of their twinning committee framed copies of the painting of St. Francis and the Holy Spirit that they had given to us on our January visit.  There was much joy, but much sadness in saying adios.