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Honduras Misssion Trip- January 2016

January 29, 2016 - 1:00pm
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Honduras Mission Trip- January 2016


    Thirteen parishioners travelled to Texiguat, Honduras from January 19-26, 2016. The travelers were the following:  Father Paul Koetter, Chris Brokaw, John and Kathy Evans, Ginny Haag, Judy Moloy, Dave Thomas, Loema Salgado, Joe Ritter, Andy Ritter, Vicky Shickles, Jim Donlan and Terie Schaeffer.
   We travelled by trucks to for aldeas (villages) around Texiguat.  These aldeas were:  Yalde, Travesia, Ciruela and Almendro.  We started these days with mass in crowded chapels of these aldeas.  We then split into groups to visit the sick and elderly, hold an eye clinic and play with and teach English to the children in the village.  We rotated daily with these activities so that everyone could experience these different ministries. 
    Three people would go with Fr. Paul and local people and three with Padre Juan Pablo.  These were often long and difficult walks to these homes away from the village.  There the priests would anoint the sick and distribute communion.  Our people would give these very poor people bags of food supplies, tooth brushes, aprons, t-shirts, crosses and rosaries.  Father would also do a home blessing.  Most importantly our group could talk and hug these poor elderly and sick campesinos.  This was truly an emotional experience for all.
  Back in the, aldeas eye clinics were held in either a school or in the chapel with 6 of our group and the assistance of our friends from Texiguat.  Over the course of 4 days we saw 360 people that were tested and  given 100 pairs of prescription glasses, 170 reading glasses and 270 sunglasses to help prevent cataracts.  Eye drops were also dispensed for the problems of eye irritation from dust and smoke.and dispensed over 530 prescription glasses, readers and sunglasses. 

    Meanwhile, one or two of our group would play games with the children with the assistance of Sor Ivone and people from Texiguat.  Games practicing English and Spanish words and phrases connected the two cultures.
          On Sunday afternoon, after mass, we gathered in the plaza in front of the church and played games, sang songs, played fútbol and broke open a piñata. It was a fun afternoon for the community and us.

    On Monday morning, while we attended mass at 7:00am, Andy and Joe Ritter, Jim Donlan and Dave Thomas prepared a pancake and egg breakfast for our hosts.  After mass, we all helped in serving our hosts and joining them for this traditional American breakfast.

   On  Monday evening we had a farewell dinner and fiesta in the courtyard of the convent.  We gave the San Francisco de Asis Twinning committee a gift of daily reflection books in Spanish.  Our friends, likewise, gave us personal gifts that we will treasure.

    We also were able to give donated fishing equipment to the townspeople who fish in the river.  We also brought medicine and additional pre-natal and children's vitamins through the Vitamin Angels program that Sor Dorly distributes in her clinic and the health centers in the communities.

     The parishes played, prayed, worked, sang and danced together; enhancing the twinning relationship!