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Connect With Ministries

Current Ministries

Below is a listing of the active ministries and they can be filtered by the various Commissions of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church.  

Please consider reaching out to the Ministry Leaders.  Your time and talents will be a welcomed contribution to the parish!

Bereavement Ministry
The Bereavement Ministry extends sympathy and prayers of the parish to the families and individuals who are mourning the death of a loved one. Volunteers send cards, make phone calls and visits, write notes, plan educational and spiritual events, keep databases and design cards and notes.
Rosary Group
The Rosary Group ministry prays the rosary for our deceased parishioners at the mortuary the evening before the funeral. The group leads prayer and the rosary on behalf of the family and friends.
Adult Formation Committee
Adult Server at Funerals
Adult Servers are a group of men that take their turns at assisting the priest in setting up and carrying out funeral Masses and funeral memorial services.
Altar Servers
The Altar Servers ministry is comprised of youths of the parish who assist the priest before, during and after liturgical celebrations.
Art and Environment
The Art and Environment Ministry is a committee of volunteers that provides decorations for the church in keeping with the liturgical seasons according to Archdiocesan guidelines. The committee meets, plans, creates, schedules and displays the decorations for the church.
Bible Study
Bridge Club - Couples
This ministry is a social gathering of couples on Saturday evenings (late fall to early spring). There is a $10 fee per couple and a banquet in the spring. For information, contact Bob Smith Phone: 317-897-1202
Bridge Club - Ladies
This ministry is a social gathering of ladies on the second Tuesday of each month (October through March). There is a $6 fee to play and an annual awards luncheon. The group makes a yearly donation to the Friendship Meals made possible by its small yearly membership dues. For information, contact Margaret Aull Phone: 317-894-8409
Buildings and Grounds
The Buildings and Grounds Ministry focuses on the maintenance and upkeep of all facilities and grounds that can be performed utilizing volunteers. Our goal is to provide a beautiful and safe campus for our parishioners, students, and guests.
Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)
The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) promotes spiritual, cultural, social and physical development for the parish youth.
Children's Liturgy of the Word
This ministry serves the children of the parish; preschool age through second grade.
Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)
Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a parish based retreat program and renewal process that is recommended by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Christmas Giving Tree
Collection Counters
Teams of volunteers count these offerings every week following these Masses in accordance with the policies and procedures specific for the processing of Mass offerings. Counters receive special training for this ministry and work on a rotating basis. For information, contact Don Holliday Phone: 317-894-0579
Communication Ministry
Cub Scouts
The Cub Scouts Ministry is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America and offers boys in the first through fifth grade an environment of working together with their parents, leaders, and the national program to develop core values including spiritual growth and faith in preparation for Boy Scouts.
Echoes of Faith
Echoes of Faith i
Eucharistic Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers are lay people serving the Catholic Church by distributing Holy Communion during Mass.
This ministry organizes all the year round activities that support the annual summer festival.
Friendship Meals
The Friendship Meals Ministry (also known as Mercy Meals or Funeral Meals) provides a meal for family and friends of the recently deceased in the Parish Center after funeral services.
Girl Scouts
This Girls Scout Ministry provides a place for girls to grow in strength and understanding in the light of the Catholic tradition of service. Girl Scouts seek to help girls understand their responsibility to God and Country while encouraging service to others.
Health and Wellness
The Health and Wellness Ministry provides several diverse and needed outreach efforts to enrich the health and wellness of parishioners and the community that Holy Spirit Parish serves.
High School Youth Ministry
Our Youth Ministry programs are for students in grades 9th through l2th and offers a variety of leadership, social, service, catechetical, and liturgical activities. A wide variety of programs are available for our youth such as retreats, our youth group, service projects, and also social activities.
Hispanic Ministry
This ministry currently serves 500 families.
Homebound Outreach
Honduras Mission Trip- June, 2017
Honduras Mission Trip- June 19-26, 2017
Honduras Twinning Parish Program
The Honduras Twinning Parish Program seeks to build a lasting relationship between the people of San Francisco de Asis and Holy Spirit Parish through prayer in the Eucharist, common experiences of service, and fellowship as brothers and sisters in the Lord.
Hospitality Coordinators for Funeral Visitation
Intercultural Committee
Knights of Columbus
The Lectors’ ministry provides the lectors (or readers) for all the Masses on weekends and during the week. Lectors proclaim the readings and invoke the petitions at Mass.
Legacy Committee
We have a great history. Let's make sure we have a great future!
Marriage Preparation
The Marriage Preparation ministry is a parish-based program to help engaged couples prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage
Men's Ministry and Fellowship
The Holy Spirit Music ministry offers: Adult Choir: 10:30 am Mass on Sundays and for special liturgies Youth Choir: 4th Sundays 10:30 Mass and invited to other Masses Music Ensemble: consists of singers, guitarists, and other instruments, and plays and sings at the 5:30 pm Mass on Saturday Resurrection Choir or funeral choir that sings at the funeral liturgies, the and Cantors lead the congregation during all liturgies.
Nursery Care
The Nursery Care ministry provides safe care for toddlers during Sunday morning 10:30 am Mass.
Our Lady’s Prayer Group
Our Lady’s Prayer Group ministry prays to Our Lady, Mother Mary, so she can intercede for us to Jesus.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
     On October 21, 2009, Prayer Shawl Ministry met for the first time.
The Pro-Life ministry strives to promote and defend the sanctity of all human life and family life in our community and around the world. Volunteers sell roses in January, organize parish participation in the Respect Life Mass and the Central Indiana Life Chain in October. Additionally, we sponsor the Divine Mercy celebration (first Sunday after Easter). For information, contact Anne Asher Phone: 317-353-0548 Email:
Quilting Club
Religious Articles
Religious Education
The Religious Education ministry provides religious education to children K- 8th Grade of Catholic parents attending secular schools.
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a series of classes designed to introduce new candidates to the Catholic faith.
This Sacristans ministry is a group of volunteers that are responsible for the cleaning and care of the sacristy, the church sanctuary, the chapel and the articles used in the liturgies.
Saint Vincent de Paul
The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is an international organization of volunteer lay-persons who seek, through the spirit of justice and charity and through person to person contact, to
Senior Stretch
Small Church Communities
A Small Church Community (SCC) is a small group of adults who gather to reflect on their lives in the light of the Gospel and to share their Christian faith through prayer, friendship and service.
SPRED (Special Religious Development)
SPRED (Special Religious Development) ministry is a program for persons who are developmentally disabled come together with a spiritual friend/catechist to share a one-on-one relationship and form with others a small faith community.
Ushers of Holy Spirit are ministers of hospitality, making others feel welcomed as they enter church.
Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School is a one week religious education program for children 4 year olds through 4th grade.  
Vocation Committee
Wedding Coordinator Ministry
Wee Church
Wee Church is offered to children ages three and four years old and is held in the school from 10:15 -11:30 am each Sunday from September through April.
Welcoming Committee
The Welcoming Committee ministry provides two or more volunteers in each section of the parish boundaries to visit new families and bring them information about parish life at Holy Spirit.