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Adult Formation Committee

What We Offer

The Adult Formation Committee recently hosted a presentation about Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ – Praise Be to You; “On care for Our Common Home.” One item discussed was developing a parish committee to see what we can do at Holy Spirit.

If you’d be interested in helping, send your name and contact information to “


20 Oct 16 – USCCB’s ‘Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship’ document. [deals with how Catholics should examine election issues].  Mr. Glen Tebbe of the Indiana Catholic Conference will be the presenter. The “Faithful Citizenship” document is available here.  You may want to read at least parts of it before you come.  All parishioners should read it before they vote. If you have any questions or specific items you would like Mr. Tebbe to address, please contact Deacon Mark at “”.

There are a number of voting issues that directly affect Indiana Voters; most impotant to our East Side community is the referendum for a new bus line. You can review a list of eight important issues here.



17 Nov 16 – Understanding Our Muslim Neighbors.  Rima Kahn Shaid, the executive director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana will be the presenter. If you have questions or issues you'd like to see on the agenda, please send them to Deacon Mark at "".

High school students and youth groups are welcome to attend.  The program begins at 7pm. A Spanish language interpreter will usually be available.  If you know people would like that support ahead of time, please let us know, so we can ensure an interpreter is present.


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