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Buildings and Grounds

What We Offer

Purpose: The Buildings and Grounds Ministry focuses on maintenance and upkeep of all facilities and grounds that can be performed with its Volunteer Force of men and women of the Parish.  

Goal: Our goal is to provide a beautiful and safe campus for our parishioners, students, and guests. 

The Ministry is composed of its Leadership Team and its Volunteer Force. The Leadership Team identifies the physical needs of the parish facilities and grounds for the immediate and long-term.  The Leadership Team also advises the Parish Business/Finance Office about upcoming needs that may require logistical support. Facilities include the Church, the Parish Center, the main and primary school buildings, the daycare/garage building, and the Priest's house. Grounds include the lawns, trees and plants, playground, fencing, parking lots, driveways, and walkways.

The Leadership Team reviews possible projects, maintains a list of approved projects, sets priorities, manages the Volunteer Force of men and women to help implement the projects, follows the projects through to completion, and makes regular inspections of the Parish facilities and grounds.  Physical needs can be submitted at any time by Holy Spirit parishioners to the Leadership Team for review.

Most projects require specific skills sets, such as carpentry, painting, masonry, drywall, plumbing, electrical, gardening, etc.  Some projects require lesser skills sets, such as fall and spring grounds clean-up, spreading mulch in the Spring and planting trees & shrubs.

Contact Information

For information contact Larry Halbig at 317-696-9923 or