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Echoes of Faith

What We Offer

Echoes of Faith is a basic-level, video-assisted resource that was developed by the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership for the formation and enrichment of catechists in parishes and Catholic schools.

The learner becomes acquainted with areas of Catholic doctrine and catechetical methodology. A catechist who completes all the training will gain an overview of the major doctrinal themes contained in the "Catechism of the Catholic Church" as well as the foundations of good contemporary catechesis.

Why This Ministry Is Performed: The purpose of this ministry is to develop qualified volunteers to teach Religious Education classes at Holy Spirit and enrich the spiritual lives of those who volunteer in this program.
Who Belongs: Open to all parishioners who are interested in being "qualified" volunteers to teach in our religious education programs and enjoy the spiritual enrichments of the ministry.

How Often Do They Meet: Four Sundays in the Fall and Spring and five mornings during Vacation Bible School.

Contact Information

For more information, contact Joan Wilson at (317) 881-4665.