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Hispanic Ministry

What We Offer

This ministry currently serves 500 families. The Unity Mass is at Noon (in both English and Spanish) with the 1:30 mass being in Spanish.  There is preparation for the Sacraments. Also, organize lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, write the bulletin in Spanish and provide counseling.  New Actions this Ministry Wants to Accomplish: 1) Bi-lingual staff-priests, DRE, teachers, secretaries, etc. 2) We need another Mass in Spanish 3) We need large spaces for family gatherings and celebrations 4) Social activities 5) Job opportunities 6) Help with physical needs: food, shelter and clothing 7) Counseling

Why This Ministry Is Performed: The Hispanic community are our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in our parish boundaries. It is our responsibility to provide for their spiritual needs.

Who Belongs: The Hispanic parishioners and more bi-lingual staff members.