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Homebound Outreach

What We Offer

     In 1982, Fr. Munshower passed on a beautiful donated Pyx to Ann Powers, telling her that she would do great visiting and sharing Communion with others.  Fast forward 26 years from Ann starting in 1990, she is still visiting at Health Care facilities including a Memory Care Unit.  That donated Pyx tells us that visits had been going on for many years prior to 1982.  Wives, husbands, sons, daughters and friends have taken Communion to an ill spouse, parent or close friend for many years and still do today.  So our ministry was served by volunteers as needed, but really began to evolve with long time parishioner Tom Lenehan.  He not only visited nursing homes, but also did home visits.  Kay Andres recalls that he trained her to visit Health care facilities 13 years ago.  Kay is still making those visits today.  Tom trained, mentored and advised many of us with his visiting skills as he continued to do home visits himself until his retirement from the ministry 10 years ago.  Sadly, Tom passed away this year and we remember him with fondness.  Fr. Paul helped us to organize shortly after his arrival at Holy Spirit.  In the years since then, our ministry has grown from 5/6 volunteers to 26 very committed Homebound Ministers.

            Holy Spirit visits eight Health Care/Rehab facilities.  Our ministers visit weekly on a set day with Communion, spiritual readings, a friendly face and a Holy Spirit bulletin.  Mass is offered monthly at most and we assist our Priest at these services.  Some return home from Health care or Rehab and we continue to visit them in their homes until they are able to return to Mass and the Sacrament.  We also have a presence in a Memory Care residence, the Our Father and lots of hugs make the day wonderful for these special folks.

     Home visits are done at whatever is convenient for the shut-in and the Homebound Minister.  We bring Communion and visit with them along with care and concern for their recovery.  Length of visits can be 15 minutes to an hour.  Most shut-ins spend hours alone and our visits can be the highlight of their week.  The Eucharist, hearing the weekly readings and seeing the bulletin help them to keep their connection to the Catholic community they are not able to be a part of now.

     The 26 involved in our ministry, includes those who go to Health Care facilities and to visit shut0ins.  We are a Parish “on the move” farther to the East and South, and so we are visiting folks closer to Greenfield and New Palestine now.  

Time Commitment: As your time permits, we need volunteers to take communion to those homebound individuals from the Parish community: once per week, bi-weekly, monthly...whatever your schedule allows.

Contact Information

There is always a need for volunteers to visit in these areas.  Health Care and Rehab are all near Holy Spirit and those who now are visiting these will always welcome help.  Individuals as well as couples and families are invited to join us.  If you are interested or have questions about the Homebound Ministry, please contact Pat Blankenship at 317-356-9698 or email

Bible Quote

Cast me not off in my old age, as my strength fails, forsake me not. - Psalm 71:9

Volunteer Quotes

  • "They say we brighten their day, and they are so grateful for what we bring.  But, they do the same for us.  they are a blessing."
  • "Home visits have given me so many new friends and I am so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life."
  • "Doing this means so much to me.  When you see the smiles on faces and receive the hugs, it is just wonderful!"