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Intercultural Committee

What We Offer

The Intercultural Committee is a relatively new ministry committee of ours at Holy Spirit. Our committee has been meeting over the past year or so to learn more about what it means to be and become intercultural, so that we can better minister to the many ethnic and cultural groups represented within our parish community. 

Our goal is to learn more about one another by learning about our cultural and ethnic backgrounds and heritage.  As we all know, all of this cultural background information is essential in learning how to relate to others, communication, identity, and so many forms of individual and communal expression. Through this learning process, we will be able to draw connections between people of varying ethnic backgrounds and utilize this information to strengthen our ministry programs and build bridges in our community.

Purpose: Our purpose is to learn about our differing cultures and ethnicities represented within our parish and see where we can come together, as a parish community, to build intercultural relationships.

How Often do They Meet: We meet monthly, typically on Saturday mornings.


Contact Information

Please contact the Parish Office for more information regarding our calendar.