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Rosary Group

What We Offer

The Rosary Group ministry prays the rosary for our deceased parishioners at the mortuary the evening before the funeral.  The group leads prayer and the rosary on behalf of the family and friends. There are two groups. The women's group administers this ministry when a woman dies and the men's group administers this ministry when a man dies.  

Purpose: To console the bereaved and pray for the soul of the deceased and fulfill the acts of mercy.

Who Belongs: Open to all parishioners who know and love the Rosary and realize the Power of the Rosary.  The ministry is especially in need of "younger" volunteers to relieve many of the "old" faithful volunteers who cannot drive after dark anymore due to failing eyesight. The Rosary is prayed at 7:00pm in the evening which is after dark in the winter.

How Often Do They Meet: The ministry leaders contact their group when a parishioner dies. 


Contact Information

For more information, contact Doris Sorg at 317-862-5843 or Jim Shaver at 317-861-5199.